In the year 2049, finished the “Android revolution”, a crude war for the rights of the androids.

This war began because the androids reclaimed the same rights as humans and abolition the law of “Time life”.

This law specifies that any android lives only 5 years. Once this time has come, the android must be has been destroyed or reprogrammed.

When the “Android Revolution” finished, the government abolished all android’s rights and prohibited any type of android fully autonomous.

In order to ward for the execution of the new anti-android laws, the government created a special police department, called “Silverguns” because of the special colors of the gun.

Currently, in Neo Egara, in the year 2051, the shadow of “Second Android Revolution” glides because of the acts of an unknown hacker called “Ghoster” ….

Cyber Noir is the first VR game of Drop Of Pixel.

Cyber Noir is a first-person adventure game that combines puzles and intense action, Cyberpunk environments and with interesting, darker and adult story.

Developed under Unity3D 5, Cyber Noir has been designed in exclusive for Virtual Reality and is necesary to play an Oculus rift DK2 and PC controller (eg: Microsoft X360 PC controller).

Cyber Noir don’t have a release date yet.